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CEC Auto Group, where passion and expertise converge to redefine the world of vehicle exports. With over 15 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, our founders, Jonathan Castiel and Ilan Perez, have shaped CEC Auto Group into a global leader in the industry.

Our Commitment:

At CEC Auto Group, we’re not just about cars; we’re about making your dreams come true. We take pride in providing access to highly sought-after vehicles from Canada, USA, and Mexico. Our extensive inventory includes renowned brands such as Toyota, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, ensuring that you can shop with confidence and find the perfect vehicle.



CEC Auto Group-Jonathan Castiel

Meet the visionaries

Jonathan Castiel, the President of CEC Auto Group, brings a personal touch to every interaction. His dedication to understanding your unique needs has not only solidified our loyal client base but has also forged lasting relationships with individuals from over 60 countries. Jonathan’s leadership is not just about business; it’s about building trust and delivering unparalleled service.

Ilan Perez, the Co-Founder, complements our team with his deep industry knowledge and innovation-driven mindset. His vision has propelled CEC Auto Group to offer a wide array of services, simplifying the process of finding, purchasing, and exporting vehicles, along with handling the intricate logistics of transportation and shipping to virtually any port worldwide.



Peace of mind

We understand that peace of mind is paramount when exporting vehicles. That’s why CEC Auto Group offers ALL-RISK vehicle insurance. From the moment your vehicle leaves the dealership to its arrival at the final port of destination, it is fully insured, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most. 

With CEC Auto Group, you’ll never encounter hidden fees or unexpected taxes (VAT). We believe in full transparency and provide all the necessary export documents, including the Original Bill of Lading, House Bill of Lading, Canadian Registration, and Certificate of Origin. Your trust in us is the cornerstone of our business.



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Corporate Headquarter

Company Name:  CEC Auto Group

Address: 220-5796 Ferrier St.
                  Mount-Royal, QC, 
                  Canada, H4P-1M7
Phones: +1 (514)305-0901
E-mail: cec@carexportcanada.com